Please note that 30 CALENDAR DAYS after termination of any case Karl Molineux Professional Corporation (“KMPC”) will destroy the following documents submitted by parties unless parties specifically notify KMPC that they wish to collect their documents:


  • Briefs

  • Exhibits

  • Evidence

  • Transcripts

  • Parties should request the return of their documents as soon as possible after the termination of a case.  Otherwise, they will be destroyed 30 days thereafter.  Please note that KMPC does not maintain a duplicate file of documents that are provided to them by parties to mediations.  Any items marked with notations by the mediator will automatically be destroyed upon closing of the file.


“Termination” of a case is defined as any of the following:


  • Resolution of a matter, e.g., either through settlement or issuance of an award

  • Mutual agreement by the parties to close the matter

  • Withdrawal from the alternative dispute resolution process

  • Time period of one year elapses without any resolution and no future dates on calendar; or

  • Notice from KMPC that the matter has been terminated

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